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Group D Creative Fairy Tale  D童話故事創作

Once upon a time, there was handsome owl who hoo hoo lived in an English Sherwood forest. He liked to tell “knock knock joke” to his friends. His favorite joke is“Knock ,knock. Who’s there? Abby. Abby who? A bee stung me!” He had a lot of friends. His friends called him Shawn. Shawn was very cute and he was the smartest in the forest because he could solve other animals’ problems. Most important of all, he could see very well at night. So he could see which animal was doing wrong things. Everyone chose him to be the king of the forest.
One day in the morning, a komodo dragon came to the forest where Shawn lived. When Shawn woke up, he saw a rabbit hopping up Shawn’s house in the tree. Rabbit said, “Knock ,knock.” “Who’s there?” ask Shawn “There is a komodo dragon in the park of the forest. He wanted to eat my dear auntie,” the rabbit answered. “What? I’ll help you!” said, Shawn. “I have an idea. I know
what a komodo dragon was afraid of,” continued Shawn. Shawn knew that a komodo dragon was afraid of jokes. They arrived at the park and told jokes to the dragon. “You know ‘Knock, knock jokes’ right?” asked Shawn “Yep, what do you want to do?” “I’ll tell the dragon some ‘Knock, knock jokes.’ “Ok, let’s go!” said the rabbit. “Knock, knock” “Who’s there?” “Cows go.” “Cows go who?” “No, cows go moo.” (HA! HA! HA!) “Help, help! I’m so afraid of jokes! Help! Help!” yelled the dragon “If you leave, we will stop telling jokes. Do you agree?” asked Shawn. “I won’t leave until I got my food!” said the komodo dragon. “Do you eat vegetables?” asked Shawn. “I can try. I’m so hungry. I can eat anything. Quick, give me food or I’ll eat you.” “I know where to find food. Just a moment. I’ll be back soon,” said Shawn.
Shawn ran to a tower where people stored food. He called animals to help carry vegetables and fruit to a ship. All the animals in the forest worked together. In no time, the ship was loaded with food. “Hoo,
hoo, hoo, come here to the ship, dragon.” As soon as the komodo dragon went
onto the ship, he saw the food. He couldn’t stop eating and didn’t know the ship is drifting away from the land. For a while, all the animals wait quietly. Then, they burst out cheering when the ship was far away in the sea. The komodo dragon was gone. That night, they had a big party, telling “knock, knock” jokes all night long. The End!

,不然我要把你吃掉。」說:「我知道哪裡可以找到食物,等我一下,我馬上回來。」跑到人們儲藏食物的高塔,牠召集動物們幫忙把蔬菜和水果搬到一艘船上。所有森林裡的動物一起合作。沒多久,船就載滿了食物。「呼呼呼!(貓頭鷹叫) 上船吧!巨蜥!」科莫多巨蜥一走上船,就看見食物,牠一直吃,停不下來,連船離開陸地了都不知道。所有動物都安安靜靜的等著。當船遠離到海上的時候,牠們大聲歡呼。科莫多巨蜥已經離開了。那晚,牠們開了一個派對,整晚都在說「叩叩」笑話。

Group B Funny Story    B組笑話故事 (1)
     A man named Sandy Clause walking down a street. He saw many people with their pets. Some people are walking their dogs in the park. Other people are walking their pigs and baby lions. More are playing with their snakes. 
     People play games, exercise, dance, or ride a bike in the park. They also like to play on the seesaw, slide, monkey bars, and the rocking horse. He’s not having much fun because he’s only by himself. So he decided to buy a dog. He walks on the street and goes into a pet store. He looks at all the dogs in the pet store. They are all cute. But he likes one of the puppy most of all. He’s like a tiny brown and white fur ball.
     It has a long curly tail. He asks the mama dog, “Does your puppy bite?” “Of course, my puppy doesn’t bite,” the mama dog answers. “Can I play with your puppy? “the man asks. “Yes, you can,” mama dog answers. Then the man plays with the puppy but the puppy is tired. The puppy doesn’t want to play. The man tries to tickle the puppy. The puppy is scared. So then the puppy bites him.  The man is angry and he yelled, “Ouch!” He yelled at the mama dog, “I thought your puppy doesn’t bite.  But why did your puppy bite me?” Mama dog says, “That is not my puppy.  It belongs to another mama dog.” The man’s hand is bleeding. He’s very angry and he rushes out of the store to a nearest hospital. And the puppy just goes back to sleep. He dreams happily ever after.
     有一個叫做Sandy Clause的男子走在街上。他看到很多人帶著寵物。有人遛狗,有人遛豬,或遛小獅子。還有人在跟自己的寵物蛇玩。人們在公園裡玩遊戲、運動、跳舞或騎腳踏車。也有人在玩蹺蹺板、溜滑梯、單槓、搖搖馬。他不怎麼覺得好玩,因為他只有一個人。所以他決定要去買一隻狗。他到街上,走進一家寵物店。他看著店裡的所有狗,每隻都很可愛。但他特別喜歡其中一隻。他看起來像個棕白色毛球。他有一條長長捲捲的尾巴。Sandy Clause問一隻狗媽媽:「你的狗會咬人嗎?」狗媽媽回答:「當然,我的小狗不會咬人。」Sandy Clause又問:「那我可以跟牠玩嗎?」狗媽媽說:「可以的」Sandy Clause想跟小狗玩,但是牠很累,不想玩。Sandy Clausen對小狗搔癢,小狗很害怕,所以就咬了牠。Sandy C lause很生氣,大叫:「唉唷!」牠大聲地對狗媽媽喊:「我以為你的狗不會咬人,但為甚麼牠咬我?」狗媽媽說:「 那不是我的狗,那是另一隻狗媽媽的孩子」Sandy Clause的手流血了,他非常生氣,跑像最近的醫院,那隻小狗繼續回到夢鄉,快樂的做著美夢。

Group C Funny Story    C組笑話故事 (1)
“Dad, can we buy a dog?” a son asked his father. Papa said, “Why? Son.” “Because the pig and chicken on the school farm died last week. We had BBQ for lunch yesterday.” Our teacher died yesterday, too. So I want to stay home today. “I know, I wouldn’t eat today’s lunch, either. Who knows what you would have today. Better not your teacher’s meatball spaghetti.” “Ew, gross. I want somebody to stay home with me,” said the son. “Why? I can take a leaf. So we don’t have to buy a dog.” “But, Papa, I really want to have a dog.” “Ok, ok, let’s take a look.” So the father and the son went for walk down the block, looking for a pet shop. They saw three pet shops. The first shop put a sign, saying “We are the best pet shop in the city.” The second shop put a larger sign saying, “The best pet shop in the world.” At the third shop, the owner put up a small sign, saying “We are the best pet shop on this block.”  They decided to go in the third shop. Seeing many pets, the son changed his mind. “Papa, I don’t want a dog. I want a parrot. Besides, if you buy me a parrot, you can go back to work because it can talk to me.” “If you buy a parrot, you’ll get carrots for free for a year,” said the parrot. “Dad, if we get free carrots, why don’t we buy some rabbits?” asked the son. “If you buy bunnies, you can get free peanuts.” “That’s good. I love peanuts,” said dad. “But dad, if we have free peanuts, why don’t we get hamsters?” asked the son. “A parrot, a bunny and hamsters are too many, son,” said Dad. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of them.” So the father and the son came home with a parrot, a bunny, and 3 hamsters, besides, free carrots and peanuts for a year.


Group B Funny Story    B組笑話故事 (2)
     In a mango orchard outside a village there lived a naughty monkey. The monkey kept on eating the ripe mangoes. The orchard-keeper tried to catch the monkey. But every time the monkey escaped the trap.
     One day, the monkey went out to a town. Soon the monkey was sneaking into houses and running away with food. People were afraid of him. They screamed when they saw the monkey. 
     One day, a juggler came to the town. The people of the town asked him, “Can you help us get rid of that naughty monkey?"  The juggler said, “Do not worry. Get me some jars with narrow necks." The juggler put peanuts into the jars and placed them out on a field.  The monkey was very curious when he saw the jars. He saw peanuts in the jar. “Yummy! Let me quickly take the peanuts and run," he thought. He put his hand inside the jar and grabbed a big handful. 
     But he could not pull out his clenched fist because the neck of the jar was so narrow. If the monkey dropped some peanuts back into the jar, he could have pulled his hand out. But he was greedy. So he did not drop them into the jar. 
     The town people easily caught the monkey. They put the monkey with his hands in the jar in the jungle. Life in the jungle was not easy. He needed to hide from tigers and find food. That was the end of the greedy monkey. 


Group C Funny Story  C組笑話故事 (2)
     There was a king, and a wise man. One day they went hunting together. The king gave the wise man a weak old horse. This horse was so weak that it couldn’t walk without shaking. And he gave himself a strong young horse. The horse was even more powerful than Taiwan’s number 52. It was as fast as Ferrari. When they were hunting, it rained. The king’s horse ran quickly to the castle. The wise man’s horse just stood in the rain, not moving at all. So the wise man took off his clothes and put them under the horse until the rain stop. He wanted to keep clothes dry. After the rain stopped, the wise man put on his clothes and went back to the castle. The king saw the wise man’s clothes were dry and he asked him, “Why are your clothes dry?” The wise man answered, “This horse brought me to a secret garden.  He’s afraid the king would get worried so he came back.”
     The next time they went hunting again, the king changed horses with the wise man. This time it rained again. The wise man’s horse went quickly back to the castle but the king’s horse stood there and didn’t move. The king was left in the rain, soaking wet. After the rain stopped, the sun came out. The horse started running again. The horse ran to a lake, but the sun was too shiny. The horse was too weak and old. So the horse and the king fell into the lake. When the king went back to the castle, he was very angry to the wise man. He said, “We will go hunting again, but this time you need to sit with me together on the horse. If the horse has wings, that means you didn’t lie, but if the horse didn’t, I will punish you.”
     Next morning, the wise man took the king to visit the horse. The king brought some witnesses with him. They wanted to see if the horse really flies. They went into the forest. This time it didn’t rained, but a witness’s horse kicked the king and the wise man’s horse. The king fell down the horse, so the horse and the wise man ran quickly back to the castle. The other witnesses’ horse saw the horse, and they follow the horse back to the castle. The king’s clothes were dirty, so he jumped into a pond to take a bath. But now the king was wet. So, he thought, “If I took off my clothes, no one will realize that I am wet and dirty.” The king took off his clothes and walk back to the castle. He thought everyone will be respect to him. But everyone was laughing at him. The king was so ashamed and he ran away quickly.   

有一個國王,一個智者。有一天他們一起去打獵。國王給了智者一匹虛弱的老馬。這匹可憐又虛弱的老馬,就連走路時都搖搖晃晃的。國王則給了自己一匹既強壯又年輕的馬兒,馬兒的實力甚至比台灣的52號棒球選手更加強大!速度更如法拉利般能夠風馳電掣!不料,打獵時,突然下雨了,國王的馬兒快速的跑回城堡;智者的老馬則站在雨中,一動也不動。智者靈機一動,便脫下身上的衣服,將它們放在老馬身體下方,直到雨停為止。原來,他想保持衣服乾燥。雨停後,智者便穿上衣服返回城堡。國王看見智者,疑惑的問:剛才下了場大雨,你是穿上了極度乾燥呢? 智者答道:「這匹馬將我帶到了一個秘密的花園,才能使我能夠「萬無一『」,但牠不希望國王替牠操心,所以便馬上回來了。 下一次,當國王與智者再次舉行打獵時,國王便提議與智者換馬匹。想不到,這次又下雨了。強壯又年輕的馬兒,立刻將智者帶回到城堡,這次,國王這匹既可憐又虛弱的老馬,依舊不動如山的站在那裡, 使得國王全身都被雨水給浸濕了。過了好一陣子,雨過天晴,只見老馬帶著國王一個勁兒的向前跑,當他們靠近湖邊時,湖面的反射使得陽光更加耀眼,可憐的老馬一時無法張開雙眼,一個踉蹌,噗通—— 國王和老馬一同落入湖中。當國王回到城堡時,生氣對智者喊:我命令你,再和我一同去打獵! 但是這次你必須和我共乘這匹老馬。如果這匹馬有翅膀,那就意味著你沒有說謊,牠確實帶你去過秘密花園,但是如果那匹馬沒有,必將你嚴懲處置!第二天早上,智者帶著國王去瞧瞧那匹老馬,國王也帶了一些證人,他們倒想看看,是馬兒真的會飛?還是待會兒看智者出糗!一行人進入了森林。幸運的是,這次沒有下雨;但是一位見證人的馬卻狠狠的踢了老馬一腳!使國王從馬背上摔了下來,受驚嚇的老馬載著智者迅返回城堡,同行見證人的馬兒們看到了老馬帶頭往前衝,便也跟著他們一起朝城堡方向跑。從馬背上摔下的國王,整身衣服都髒兮兮的,所以他跳進了池塘去洗澡。但現在國王全身都濕透了。他心想:如果我把衣服都給脫了,就沒有人會知道它們又髒又濕了! 沾沾自喜的國王脫光衣服,大搖大擺走回城堡。他認為人人都會尊敬貴為國王的他,當他發現,路上沒有一個人不是在嘲笑他,一絲不掛的國王害羞得無地自容,很快就逃走了。

Group A Creative Fairy Tale  A組童話故事創作
     Once upon a time, there lived a princess and a Queen in a castle. This castle was in the forest by the sea. The princess was very lonely in the castle. She cried all the time. Her only friend was a rabbit. The princess was very pretty and kind because she taught the animals to escape from the predators.The Queen was very scary because she killed many animals for food, like dogs, snakes, and bunnies. She even killed hundreds of caterpillars to make caterpillar jam. She was afraid that her stepmother would eat her bunny for dinner.
     One day, the princess decided to run away from her stepmother. But there were thousands of soldiers guarding around the castle so she could not escape from the castle easily.
When her mother died, her mother gave her a powerful, magical crown. If you own this crown, you can get anything you want. The rabbit cried to the princess, “We need to save my family. I’m afraid your stepmother will make my family rabbit stew for dinner. My grandpa was made into rabbit jerky. We cried for many weeks because our hearts were broken.”
     The princess had a classmate called Dylan, who was a pirate’s son. She asked Dylan, “Can you tell your dad to take the queen away? Please. I want to save animals in the forest, especially my rabbit.” Dylan came back and told his dad, “My princess friend asked you to help her take away the Queen. The princess can give you a powerful, magical crown.” “Ok, let’s carry out a plan tomorrow night,” said Dylan’s dad. “Tell Princess the time to meet.”
At night the dad and 100 pirates sailed the boat to the Queen’s castle. Around the castle were thousands of soldiers. The pirates fought the soldiers. The pirates had to pinch their noses because one of the pirates broke wind. It was very stinky. A lot of soldiers passed out. So it’s easy for the pirates to capture the soldiers. They tied the soldiers up. They went to the castle and took away the Queen. She was sent to an island far away where there she could only eat grass. She became a vegetarian since there was no animal to eat.
     The princess gave Dylan’s dad the crown. Dylan’s dad wished to have all the ships and treasure in the world. After he said that, all the things magically appeared in front of them in just one second. Dylan’s dad became the richest and most powerful pirate in the world. He protected all the animals in the world. The princess became friends with all the animals in the forest. She was not lonely anymore. They lived happily ever after.


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